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Did you know that many people find out about companies not just from the web, but from social media? Your company needs to be in the social media game to promote your business, get feedback, and help spread great word of mouth about your business. But what if you don’t know what’s what about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the like?

No worries. We can help increase and improve your social media footprint. Here’s what our social media strategists can do for you when it comes to social media:

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  • Why BLUEFLY?

    We Help You Along the Way- We don’t just set up your account, we help manage and brand your new accounts, teach you how to use them and answer and questions you have.

    We Have Experience - in helping run successful social media accounts.

    Getting Followers- We will help start your follower base and give you tips and tricks to create compelling content on your pages to earn you more followers.

  • Our Process

    Step 1: Evaluate what you currently do with social media – this entails analyzing what accounts you have, what accounts you need, and determining if there are specialized sites you should use for your company.

    Step 2: Set up social media accounts that would work best for you.

    Step 3: Help you find people to follow and give you tips on how to get others to follow you.

    Step 4: Help you manage your social media accounts.

    Step 5: Help increase traffic to your website via a comprehensive social strategy.

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