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PPC management in NYC

Pay-per-click search advertising can get traffic to your site very quickly. Unlike search engine optimization, which can take months to kick in, you can be up and running in as little as two hours with pay-per-click advertising making it a great way to get immediate relevant traffic to your site.

We are quick and nimble, and are constantly making adjustments to your PPC account to optimize the campaign. We get paid as percentage of advertising spent, so your success is our success.

PPC Cycle

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  • Why BLUEFLY?

    We Sweat the Details- We are maniacal about your success. You can count on us to manage the details to create a winning campaign.

    Long Term Looking- We build long term relationships, which we know must be built on a foundation of effective execution.

    Landing Page Optimization- Lots of companies manage PPC, but most lack our expertise or critical focus on landing page strategy and optimization.

    Comprehensive Approach- We manage all aspects of online marketing, you can count on a smartly integrated approach and execution.

  • Our Process

    Step 1: Goals Evaluation- We talk with you about what you are looking for in your campaign to align our strategy with your goals.

    Step 2: Strategy Development-
    We will create a custom andĀ  integratedĀ  strategy for your site, with a focus on optimized return on investment.

    Step 3: Set-Up and Launch- Now for the nitty-gritty; keyword analysis, setting up the campaigns, writing ad copy, setting up bids, creating super landing pages, etc.

    Step 4: Optimize, Optimize, Optimize- After launch, we watch your account constantly, adjusting bids, keywords, negative keywords, ad copy, landing pages and more.

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