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conversion optimization in NYC

Conversion optimization sounds like a very technical term, but it’s really a pretty simple concept.  We take the already fantastic traffic that your website has and increase the revenue, engagement and/or leads resulting from existing site visitors. Bottom line, we help make your existing traffic more productive for you.

We work on a performance basis…which means we tie our compensation to actual improvements in your bottom line!

performance based conversion optimization NYC

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  • Why BLUEFLY?

    Proven Track Record- of making changes that impact results.

    We Care About Your Success- so much so that we crafted our entire business model to ensure that our compensation is tied to your results.

    Work With Key Players- Your account manager will be knowledgeable and talented.

    Big Picture Thinking- We are business-people first, web designers second, so we try to think from your perspective about what will really make a difference.

    Our Performance Guarantee- If you/we implement our recommendations and they do not move the needle, you pay nothing.

  • Our Process

    Step 1: Data Gathering- We evaluate your site for usability, clarity, messaging, credibility and calls to action. Then we review your data analytics and ask you a lot of questions to understand your users.

    Step 2: Present Recommendations- We put together and present to you a comprehensive recommendation set for changes/updates to your site to improve site conversion or revenue.

    Step 3: Test Implementation- Once approved, we work with your team to implement changes in an A/B testing environment so there is no ambiguity about the impact of the tests on your bottom line.

    Step 4: Reporting and Evaluation- We will keep you posted throughout. Then, we generally take results from first wave of tests and come up with additional recommendations to build upon progress.

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